Septic Services

At Sep-Tech, our number one goal is to provide you with fast, friendly, professional service of the highest quality. We can perform an array of services to your current septic system including routine pumping, repairs and lid additions.

Our Septic System Services include:


Septic Tank Locating 

While many Americans, especially those living in more rural areas, have septic tank systems, very few know exactly where their septic tank is located. This is where Sep-Tech steps in. We will help to find the main sewer plumbing line within your home, check where the main line exists your home and locate the septic tank by carefully probing with a steel rod through the soil material. Most septic tanks are around 10-25 feet away from your home. This service will not damage your lawn and is crucial to proper septic tank maintenance.

Septic Tank Pumping

Maintaining your septic system is imperative for a few reasons. First and most obviously, failing septic systems are expensive to repair (or replace) and failure to maintain your system is the most common cause of early failure. Having your septic system routinely pumped and inspected can save you thousands of dollars. Next, a failed system can have major health implications: the results of inadequately treated waste poses a significant risk to public health. Finally, failing septic systems can actually cause property values to decline. Routine check-ups can help maintain the economic health of your community.

Septic Tank Repairs

The most common septic tank failures are a result of blockages and clogging from non-dissolved solids. This includes blockages that are a result of high volumes of wastewater forcing sludge out of the septic tank and into the distribution systems or subsurface. To avoid these failures, we recommend routine pumping an maintenance. Unfortunately, identifying a failing septic system can be difficult to the untrained eye so if you notice any problems with your septic system, Sep-Tech will come out and make any repairs to your existing system at affordable prices.

Install Septic Tank Risers & Lids

A septic tank riser is an extension of a septic tank that brings the lid to the surface. Adding risers means no more digging in order to gain access to the lid of your septic tank for routine maintenance or repairs. At Sep-Tech, we suggest septic tank risers and lids because it can get extremely expensive to have professionals consistently searching for the location of your septic tank.