Septic Tank Repairs

Septic Tank Repairs

Regular pumping, cleaning, and maintenance of your septic tank system are usually enough to keep your waste system working properly and efficiently. However, there may come a time when septic tank repairs are unavoidable, and that’s where Sep-Tech comes in.

Most of the time, septic tank failures are a result of blockages and clogging from solids that aren’t able to dissolve inside the tank. While you can minimize the amount of dangerous materials that end up in your septic tank, it’s inevitable that sludge, grime, and debris will build up inside the tank. This can cause the tank to block, and high volumes of wastewater will force their way out of the septic tank and into distribution systems or even into the soil. If a septic tank fails like this, you need to call a septic tank service company immediately, as this is hazardous to both you and your property.

Fort Collins Septic Tank Repairs

Identifying a Failing Septic Tank

It is not always easy to identify problems with a septic tank until it is too late. Because the septic tank is located below the surface, and the wastewater system is mostly hidden from sight, people often wait until it is too late before calling a septic tank professional. If you don’t know what you are looking for – and how to look for it – identifying a failing septic tank can be extremely difficult. If you notice any odd behavior from your wastewater system, or any buildup of foul liquid or odors on your property near the septic system, call a septic tank company immediately.

Sep-Tech can come out to your home or property and identify the failing part of your septic tank, and perform septic tank repairs as quickly as possible to minimize spillage of hazardous waste on your property. This is important to preserving the integrity of your septic system as well as your property as a whole.

While regular maintenance and pumping can reduce or eliminate the need for septic tank repairs, if you are in need of an emergency septic tank repair, call Sep-Tech right away!